Cold Winds

The sky is strewn with gray clouds

As a light mists dampens the morning air.

The birds are sleeping

As soft reds and yellows

Raise slowly above the horizon.

The wind blows slowly,

Cool against my skin.

It pairs up with the air,

Chilly, cold, like icecubes.

My lulled mind sharpens from its touch.

My skin forms bumps

Close together

As my teeth rattle in my head.

Cool winds among dark skies.

Autumn morning

And I feel so alive


Brick Wall

Many shades of red,

With a sandpaper texture,

Sturdy and secure.


When you feel as if all hope is lost,

That the future’s bleak,

The clouds are dark,

and your heart feels ever-weary.


Just look around through the night,

For a shining glimpse of nice, for

Stars shine best in darkness,

And allow the sun reprieve.

They give the moon a stage,

and look on you from above.


Be grateful for the little things,

The stuff that often goes unseen.

Be happy that when you’re down

There’s something


Waiting to make your day.



—This poem was written in gratitude for having sold my first book of poetry. Thank you all very much for reading my work, paid or otherwise. You all give me happiness and something to look forward to each and every day. Much love.—